Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Love! Romance! Relationships! Marriage! Partnerships! Family!

These are the most important parts of our lives. No matter where we live in the world, what color we are, what languages we speak, which God we worship; our interactions with our loved ones and more importantly, that one connection to a special someone that transcends time and space, one that binds us emotionally, spiritually, physically is the ideal relationship that we all hope, dream, pray, desire to experience at least once in this lifetime. This is the stuff of romance novels and epic love stories but without the tragic endings. This is the one union with another soul that helps us grow into our best selves and the hope is that we inspire that desire to be a better human being in our partners. 
We will be exploring love in all its shapes and forms, with all of its complexities from both a male and a female perspective. We intend this blog to serve as an ongoing discussion on the topic of love. Therefore, we invite you to comment and share your thoughts on the subject.

Wishing you all love!


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